Caniaba Public School

Be safe, be fair, be a learner

Telephone02 6621 4309

About our school

Established in 1912, Caniaba Public School maintains a strong tradition of providing a well rounded primary education for the children of this area.

This school is committed to the wellbeing of all students in all aspects of their development. We aim to maintain a learning environment where students, feel happy, secure and supported in a climate where individuals can develop positive social skills, self-esteem and environmental awareness while achieving their highest academic potential. 

Through positive support and appropriate educational and welfare programs, the children are encouraged to be responsible citizens with the power and skills to reason and make personal decisions that will lead them successfully into the future. Caniaba Public School is well supported by the local community and seeks to be a focal point for the community it serves.

Our school motto is 'achievement through effort'.

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